Android Application

If you have a passion that whole World should see your Business from a 5 inch mobile screen, PMS Infotech will turn Passion into a Beautifully Designed Mobile Application. PMS Infotech has its own Android Development Team which is dedicated towards designing User Friendly Layouts, optimize and improve the user flow, restructure of coding to enhance the speed and reduce the data transmission, translation of application to multiple languages, development of thematic design and graphics, integration with various Google plugins, uploading to Play Store and much more.

Re Design and Re Engineer Android Application

Re-Design and Re-Engineer your existing Application to optimize various parameters like Battery Consumption, Operating Speed, User Interface, Mobile Data Consumption, Memory Consumption, Data Security and much more.

If you already have your Android Application, but it is not giving expected results due to any reason, give us an opportunity to optimize it and we will suggest you the required upgradation and alteration

PMS Infotech has developed various Mobile Applications, some of which are trending and famous on Play Store like SMS Scheduler and Reminder, ORECS, KyaCho to name few. PMS Infotech is also expert at creating iphone applications supported on Apple Play Store, Windows Mobile Applications, Symbian Applications and Blackberry Applications to spread your business across all Mobile Ecologies.

With a blast in the number of Smart Phone Users, Mobile Application is now more important platform for your presence than Desktop Application, as the future is going to be more Smart Phone and Mobile specific as it is the only gadget remaining in close contact with user round the clock wherever the user moves.

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